28-11-2018 / Dick Molenaar nominated for Arthur Award (ILMC - London)


The International Live Music Conference (ILMC) in London has nominated Dr. Dick Molenaar for an Arthur Award 2018 in the category "Most Professional Professional". The Arthur Awards will be disclosed on Thursday 7 March.

The ILMC has started years ago with the funny Arthur Awards as an alternative for other big events with prestigious awards and nominations, which very often are taken extremely serious. But over the years the Arthur Awards have also gained much status, because they give recognition in the live music industry.

In 2005 Dr. Dick Molenaar won together with Dr. Harald Grams (of Grams und Partner in Bielefeld, Germany) the Arthur Award in the category "Most Professional Professional". After that he has been nominated five times individually and one other time with Dr. Harald Grams.

The attendants at the ILMC decide the Arthur Awards through internet voting. 

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